Kevin Hammond


I'm a (full) Professor in Computer Science, in the School of Computer Science, at the University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland, where I lead the Functional Programming research group.  I am also an Honorary Professor at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.  My main interests are in cost modelling, parallelism and real-time and embedded systems. Please email me if you are interested in undertaking a PhD in my area.


Eight PhD Studentships

The School of Computer Science has eight fully-funded PhD studentships available under the Seventh Century scheme.  The deadline is March 31st 2014.  Please contact me if you are interested in any aspect of our research.

Haskell Workshop in Leipzig

My slides on “ParaForming” (Refactoring for Parallelism in Haskell) are available here.

Ada Connection 2011

My slides on the panel discussion on multicore are available here.

SICSA PhD Conference 2011

My slides on conference publication are available here.

Membership of Steering Committees etc.

I am a Senior member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), including the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.

I am a member of the EPSRC peer review college.

I am an honorary Professor of Heriot-Watt University.

I am a charter member of IFIP Working Group 2.11 (Generative Programming).

I am a member of the advisory board for EuroPar, the European Conference on Parallelism.

I am a member of the Steering Committee for the International Symposia on Applications and Implementations of Functional Programming (IFL).

I am a member of the Steering Committee for the International Symposia on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP).

I am the UK representative for the TACLe Cost Action on Timing Analysis.

I was a member of the Haskell Committee, and I am co-designer of Hume.

With Greg Michaelson, I administer the Peter Landin Prize for the best paper each year at IFL.

Professor in Computer Science

Research Profile on PURE
My ACM Author Profile